"In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual."
- Galileo Galile

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Index of Feature Articles Published in the High Desert Observer

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Webcam Imaging Workshop (Dave Dockery), February, 2004

Astronomy Exhibition at Las Cruces Museum of Fine Art (Tim Billman), February, 2004

ASLC Wins Award at Renaissance Faire (Cindye Sellards), November, 2004

Occultation results for Asteroid Flora, November, 2004

Setting an Astronomical League Observing Goal (Rich Richins), December, 2004

Fall Telescope Making Workshop Wrap-up (Nils Allen), December, 2004


75th Anniversary Celebration of Pluto Discovery, Rich Richins, January, 2005

Walter Haas Receives Astronomical League President's Award, Robert Gent, January, 2005

John Dobson Visit (Rich Richins) February, 2005

AAVSO/High Energy Astrophysics Meeting in Las Cruces (Tom Harrison) February, 2005

Desert Moon Observatory Watches for Deep Impact (Bert Stevens) March, 2005

The Mountainview Observatory Story, part 1 (Tim Barnett-Queen), April, 2005

The Mountainview Observatory Story, part 2 (Tim Barnett-Queen), May, 2005

TSP 2005 Round-Up (Rich Richins), May, 2005

The Mountainview Observatory Story, part 3 (Tim Barnett-Queen) June, 2005

Alt-Az versus Equitorial Mounts (Nils Allen), June, 2005

Tribute to Jed Durrenberger, July 2005

Steve Smith Observatory, part 1 (Tim Barnett-Queen), August, 2005

Seeing in the Dark (Nils Allen), August, 2005

Steve Smith Observatory, part 2 (Tim Barnett-Queen), October, 2005

X-Prize Expo (Rich Richins), October, 2005

Steve Smith Observatory, part 3 (Tim Barnett-Queen), November, 2005

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