"No matter how slow the film, Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer It has chosen."
- Minor White

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Welcome to the ASLC Imagers Pages

Click the blue buttons on the left, and you will have access to scores of astrophotos as well as images of recent club activities. There's even a special gallery of Messier objects. Please note that many of the images are copyrighted. Permission is required to use the images. Note that nearly all of the images used in this site were taken by ASLC members.

M45 by Kirby BensenOur members have been doing astrophotography using film, webcams, digital and dslr cameras, and dedicated astronomical CCD cameras for many years. Many of ASLC's imagers have won awards for their photos, or had their work published in magazines or catalogues. At least three images have been featured on NASA's Astronomical Image of the Day (APOD), and at least two have been featured on the lunar photo of the day (LPOD) website. Our collective works have been displayed at the Tombaugh Gallery of Fine Art and at the Las Cruces Museum of Art. Images have also been displayed at various ASLC functions such as International Astronomy Day, the Las Cruces Arts Council's Renaissance Faire, and the Ansari X-Prize Expo.

Solar Observing at the RenFaireASLC has an on-going imagers group that meets on even months for 30 minutes (beginning at 7pm) on the fourth Friday evening of most months (prior to the monthly club meeting). We discuss recent advances in equipment and techniques for improving our skills as astrophotographers. The group also has an ASLC-imagers Yahoo group to share recent images, and help each other with image acquisition and processing challenges.

Also included in the image collection are pictures taken at club activities including various public outreach and education programs.

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