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Nicolaus Copernicus

Running Man Nebula (Rich Richins)

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A variety of links to member sites, equipment manufacturer/distributor, and general astronomy information may be found on these pages. Below are links to our members' websites. Click the buttons on the left for lists of links to equipment vendors or general astronomy information. Please report any dead links to the webslave.

ASLC Member Websites

Several ASLC members maintain their own web sites in which they display astrophotos, minor planet discoveries, and even astronomy-related software. Clicking on an icon will take you to the respective website. Some of the clubs imagers do not have their own site - their images may be found in the ASLC photo gallery.

Steve Smith's Astronomy Site

Maintained by Steve Smith. Steve has a roll-off observatory in Chaparrel, NM and does some outstanding astrophotography. He has also done some telescope and camera comparisons that you may find useful.

Bert Verstraete's 8-inch film astrophotography page

Bert is one of the club's pioneers in astrophotography. He's has used film and an 8" Celestron telescope for most of his work.


Steve Barkes is the developer of the widely popular GuideDog autoguiding software. Learn about this and other astrophoto-related software at Steve's website.

Budget Astronomy

Robert Long creates masterful astrophotography with his Celestron and Orion ED80 telescopes and his SBIG ST8-XE. Bob also shoots occasionally with a modified Canon Digital Rebel.

Imaging the Heavens
Astrophotography by Mike Sherick

Mike has an impressive remote control observatory in the Sacramento Mountains which he uses to make state of the art images with his SBIG 11000 and TMB 152 refractor. A 24" RC telescope is to be installed in 2008.


High Resolution Lunar Imaging, Essays and Processing Tutorials by imaging master, Tony Gondola. Tony also offers a custom optics service (mirror grinding and reconfiguration).

Astrophotography by Dave Dockery

Maintained by award-winning astrophotographer, Dave Dockery, this website contains numerous astrophotos of the solar system and deep space objects.

Desert Moon

Bert and Janet Stevens have been hunting minor planets for over seven years and have recorded over 10,000 observations to the Minor Planet Center.

Enchanted Skies

Rich Richins has been doing astrophotography and occultation timings since 2003 using a Macintosh for much of his imaging and occultation work.

Jerry Gabers Astronomy Page

Jerry has built an impressive observatory which houses his 10" LX200 and Stellarvue 80 telescopes. He uses these to create beautiful images of the heavens.

George's Astrophotography

George images using Borg refractors and a Celestron 9.25 SCT with an SBIG ST10 camera. His observatory is located at his home east of "A Mountain."