"Do there exist many worlds, or is there but a single world? This is one of the most noble and exalted questions in the study of Nature."
-- Albertus Magnus

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Sharing the Universe

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Sharing the Universe With Our Community

Young MoonGaze ObserverFor over 50 years, ASLC has been committed to expanding the public's appreciation and understanding of the cosmos through scientific research, and using hands-on public encounters such as Star Parties and our monthly MoonGaze. Our members come from many backgrounds, but all share a commitment and enthusiasm to share our knowledge and resources with individuals living in or visiting Southern New Mexico.

ASLC has gone into the classroom to help teaching professions better explain a myriad of astronomy topics such as telescope basics, celestial seasons, even stellar evolution. We've drawn from resources made available by NASA's Night Sky Network and from Project Astro to help demonstrate the nature of the universe.

Google Earth image of 2006 X-Prize ExpoFor the 21st century, ASLC has dramatically expanded their commitment to find innovative ways to share the universe with our community. We have purchased a $4000 Solar Telescope for use at public education and outreach functions. The scope will enable viewers to safely view prominences and other features on the surface of the sun. If you're really lucky, perhaps you'll even see a coronal mass ejection.

We're currently working with Leasburg Dam State Park to bring a new observatory to the Las Cruces area. The project, now being reviewed by the State, will bring a 16" telescope and a facility to house the scope to a convenient dark sky site only minutes from downtown Las Cruces. Please see the Observatory blog for the latest news regarding the ASLC/Leasburg Observatory Project.

A Member Telescope stands before member astrophotos at the Las Cruces Fine Arts MuseumOver the years, ASLC has participated in public events such as the X-Prize Expo (we offered daytime viewing of bright planets, astrophotos taken by our members, and information about club activities at the Las Cruces Expos). We've displayed astrophotos and astroart done by our members at the Las Cruces Art Museum, and at the Tombaugh Gallery of FIne Art. We've worked with the Alamogordo Astronomy Club and the National Public Observatory to help bring about public programs to White Sands National Monument and to the City of Rocks State Park.

We are dedicated to preserving the quality of the night sky for future generations. To this effect, we work with the government and the public to help educate them about the effects of light pollution, and how appropriate cut-off lighting can preserve the beauty of the night sky (and save home and business owners money). For more information, please see our light pollution pages.

We are truly Las Cruces' Astronomy Club. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance to you or your group.