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Club Officers for 2017

The following individuals were elected to one year terms at the October 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Astronomical Society of Las Cruces. The Club is indebted to these individuals for their efforts in administration, support and public outreach.

President: Howard Brewington

Vice President: Rich Richins
Rich Richins
Secretary: John McCullough
Treasurer: Patricia Conley
Patricia Conley
Director: Sid Webb
Director: Ed Montes
Ed Montes
Past President: Daniel Giron

The following individuals serve the club in appointed positions:

Public Outreach Chair: Chuck Sterling <>
Education Chair: Rich Richins <>
Rich Richins
Membership Chair: John McCullough<>
Club Webmaster: Steve Barkes <>
Steve Barkes
Club Historian: Joseph Mancilla <>
Apparel: Howard Brewington
Howard Brewington
Bulletin Editor: Charles Turner
Tombaugh Observatory Chair: Steve Shafer <>
Leasburg Observatory Chair: Dave Doctor <>
Telescope Loaner Program: Ed Montes <>
Ed Montes
Membership Chair: Judy Kile

You may contact all club officers at <>

Individuals wishing information about club activities are encouraged to contact the Club President and/or the Outreach Chair.

Last review - 02/24/17