“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime.”
Babe Ruth

Twisted Spire of Rosette Nebula (Mike Sherick)


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ASLC Visitors Information Packet

Visitor PackageWhether you're new to astronomy or a seasoned veteran, the ASLC Visitors Info Packet is an informative guide to experiencing amateur astronomy in Southern New Mexico. The guide contains information regarding meetings, public viewings, viewing locations, club publications, classes, clinics and more. Click here or image on the right to download (pdf format, 736 kb)

New Member Application

When you're ready to join us, simply download a club membership application and mail it to the Club Treasurer (along with appropriate registration fees). Click here to download an application. You can also bring it to one of our monthly meetings. Club dues as of July 1, 2004 are $35 per year (fee is still $35 for 2017).

Once You've Joined Our Club, Consider Joining Our Yahoo Groups

The club has two active Yahoo Groups. The first, aslcnm, is for general club activities and announcements. The second, ASLC_Imagers, is primarily for the club's astrophotographers to discuss techniques, problems, equipment, software, etcetera. You'll need a (free) Yahoo account to join. No SPAM or flaming, please. The imagers list has frequent attachments of astrophotos. Links to astrophotos may be submitted to the aslcnm group, but we discourage large attachments in that group. To join one or both groups, just type in your email address below and click on the Join Now! button. Memberships are usually activated within a day (unless the respective moderator is away). If you've attempted to join a group, but haven't received a note indicating acceptance, please contact the Club President.

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