"In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual."
- Galileo Galile

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75th Anniversary Celebration of Pluto Discovery, Rich Richins, January, 2005

Walter Haas Receives Astronomical League President's Award, Robert Gent, January, 2005

John Dobson Visit (Rich Richins) February, 2005

AAVSO/High Energy Astrophysics Meeting in Las Cruces (Tom Harrison) February, 2005

Desert Moon Observatory Watches for Deep Impact (Bert Stevens) March, 2005

The Mountainview Observatory Story, part 1 (Tim Barnett-Queen), April, 2005

The Mountainview Observatory Story, part 2 (Tim Barnett-Queen), May, 2005

TSP 2005 Round-Up (Rich Richins), May, 2005

The Mountainview Observatory Story, part 3 (Tim Barnett-Queen) June, 2005

Alt-Az versus Equitorial Mounts (Nils Allen), June, 2005

Tribute to Jed Durrenberger, July 2005

Steve Smith Observatory, part 1 (Tim Barnett-Queen), August, 2005

Seeing in the Dark (Nils Allen), August, 2005

Steve Smith Observatory, part 2 (Tim Barnett-Queen), October, 2005

X-Prize Expo (Rich Richins), October, 2005

Steve Smith Observatory, part 3 (Tim Barnett-Queen), November, 2005






Messier Marathon, Rich Richins, March, 2006

The Meade DSI Pro II CCD Camera (Part 1), Dave Dockery, March, 2006

AstroVisions - Astrophotography in the Art Museum, Tim Billman, April, 2006

A New Red Spot on Jupiter and Some History, Walter Haas, April, 2006

Texas Star Party 2006, Nils Allen, Rich Richins and Steve Smith, May, 2006

The Meade DSI Pro II CCD Camera (Part 2), Dave Dockery, May, 2006

My Observatory, Part I, George Hatfield, May, 2006

Eye Candy, a Review of the Astroscan Telescope, Steve Barks, June, 2006

May DSOs, Steve Barks, June, 2006

My Observatory, Part II, George Hatfield, June, 2006

Asteroid CCD Photometry and Lightcurve Analysis, Fred Pilcher, August, 2006

Some Insider Comments on the New Definition of a Planet, Fred Pilcher, September, 2006

When is a Celestial Object a Planet?, Walter Haas, September, 2006

What Matters Most - Equipment, Conditions, or Skills?, Nils Allen, September, 2006

The 2:3 Pluto-Neptune Resonance, Fred Pilcher, October, 2006

Imaging the Mercury Transit, Dave Dockery, November, 2006

The Evolution of Jupiter's White (Red) Oval(s), Nancy Chanover, December 2006

What are YOU thankful for?, Nils Allen, December 2006

Ceres, the First Asteroid, Fred Pilcher, December 2006


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