"In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual."
- Galileo Galile

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Index of Feature Articles Published in the High Desert Observer

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A Newbie's Journey into Light (Kirby Benson), January, 2008, page 2.

The Minor Planets Section of ALPO and the
Minor Planet Bulletin (Fred Pilcher), January, 2008, page 12.

Light Pollution Filters (Dave Dockery), February, 2008, page 2.

Light Pollution (Steve Henderson), February, 2008, page 5.

Bobby Franzoy Honored (Paul Dulin), February, 2008, page 8.

Near Earth Asteroids (Bert Stevens), March, 2008, page 2.

Outdoor Lighting Ordinances (Steve Henderson), March, 2008, page 6.

Lunar Craters (Tony Gondola), April, 2008, page 2.

Surprise, Bigger is Better (Walter Haas), April, 2008, page 8.

Photoshop Toolbox (Rich Richins), April, 2008, page 12.

ASLC Benefits (Nils Allen), April, 2008, page 13.

In Search of Celestial Treasures (Dave Dockery), May, 2008. page 2.

Blue Mesa (Kirby Benson), May, 2008, page 4.

Texas Star Party Report, June, 2008. page 2.

Robert Burnham, Jr. (Bill Logan), June, 2008. page 6.

Astrobiology (Wirt Atmar), July, 2008. page 2.

Astronomy's Impact on Biology (Wirt Atmar), August, 2008. page 2.

How Astronomy Changed My Life (Wirt Atmar). September, 2008. page 9.

Variable Stars, part 5 (Bill Stein), October, 2008. page 8.

Asteroid Photometry (Fred Pilcher), November, 2008. page 7.

Looking for Life in All the Wrong Places (Wirt Atmar), November, 2008. page 15.

The Saga of 2008 TV26 (Bert Stevens), December, 2008. page 6.

The Perspective that Age Brings (Wirt Atmar), December, 2008. page 8.


Imaging with Robotic Telescopes (Tony Gondola), January, 2009. page 4.

Review: NJP vs G11 (George Hatfield), January, 2009. page 9.

Uranometria Argentina (Fred Pilcher), February, 2009, page 5.

Imaging M42 (Chuck Sterling), February, 2009, page 7.

Wirt Atmar, In Memorium, February, 2009. page 18.

MTF curves (Tony Gondola), March, 2009. page 6.

Unobstructed Telescopes (Tony Gondola), April, 2009. page 7.

Lightweight Travel Mounts (George Hatfield), June, 2009. page 8.

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